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It alright to travel alone

USPassportServiceGuide answered 3 hrs ago
It alright to travel alone. It will be an adventure and don't let fear get in your way. Its a test of independence and its all about being a smart traveller. First of all, you secure everything, always remember to check and recheck your valuables and the like. Don't easily trust anyone you do not know but do not be rude, be simple and vigilant. Also be thrifty and explore, after all, it is what traveling alone is all about, the exploration. If you are a girl, never mention that you are traveling alone or you are alone and do not disclose your last name to a total stranger the least. It is also great to know the location of your embassy in a foreign land so that when you are in trouble you know where to possibly go. Its also good to tell someone where you are so that if ever you can't be found or what, someone knows where you might have gone. Good luck!

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